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Current HaptiComm possesses 24 actuators in a hand shaped array. The shape and size is measured against a mould of Sven's hand (done with hobby clay) which has then been 3D scanned. Outer shell provides minimal direct contact with the hand while providing sufficient support to keep it comfortable.

HaptiBraille (or HaptiComm Braille) relies on all the standard HaptiComm but is presented in a different form factor. It only uses 6 actuators with a layout similar to a Perkins Braille typewriter (without the space and page feed buttons). Due to using 6 fingertips this version can be more generically produced for receiving finger-braille.

While using the same hardware this blue coloured HaptiComm has a different covering for hand support. This provides more continual contact with the hand. The supporting component is also printed froma a model taken from averaging 30 different hand shapes/size.

This version is very similar to the current device. size, shape and layout are done from Sven's hand. The yellow hand support part is printed froma different material to the current design and non-textured.

Actuator tips are created using moulds of various materials. Materials can be chosen for density and texture to better produce a more natural touch sensation similar to a human finger. Overall size and shape can be modified depending on preference.

Here we have the various hand moulds that have been used to create the HaptiComm outer shells. Markings are made on the prototypes to indicate expected actuator placeent.

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