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Welcome to HaptiComm.tech.
HaptiComm is an abbreviation of "Haptic Communicator" and is also known as the "Deafblind Haptic Communicator Project". the project has developed a hardware and software platform capable of transmitting haptic (tactile and kinesthetic sensations) on the receivers skin.

For a full overview you can visit the introduction with further information available about our motivations, they key features, applications of the system and research details. Technical information can also be provided upon request including 3D models, diagrams and printing schematics.

See our media section for our photo gallery, videos and presentations. Various media can also been found on our social media sites including YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. You can follow us on these sites as well as on Facebook.

for downloads and documentation please refer to the support section. You can also read through our Frequently Ased Questions (FAQ) as well as request additional help.

Feel free to contact us for general information, event details where HaptiComm is planning to present and provide us with feedback
4th - 6th May, 2019
Peter Bonser will be presenting on behalf of HaptiComm at the Round Table conference on Print Disabilities to be held in Queensland, Australia. For full information about the event, see the conference website.

9th - 12th July, 2019
HaptiComm has submitted both a Work In Progress and Demonstration paper and are awaiting confirmation of acceptance for the World Haptics Conference (WHC) being held in Tokyo, Japan. Full details should be available soon on the conference, visit the conference website.

12th - 16th August, 2019
HaptiComm will be presenting a 1 1/2 hour workshop session on the HaptiComm platform at the 17th Deafblind International Conference being held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. More information about the conference proceedings can be found on the  conference website.
14th July, 2018
HaptiComm wins "Best Research Application" at the University of Sydney's (Australia) Innovation Awards 2018.
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18th June 2018
HaptiComm wins "Best Hands-On demonstration" category at the Eurohaptics conference held in Pisa, Italy.
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Project generously supported by three consecutive faculty grants from Google and a fellowship from the Sorbonne Université.

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