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At it's very core, HaptiComm is essentially a symbol (character, number) to haptic pattern converter. This simplicity belies the applications it can be used for which include (but are not limited to):
  • Text Conversion
    At its very basic level, HaptiComm can convert characters to a haptic pattern. This can be achieved through many input streams including the keyboard, screen, speech or other input device.

  • Speech Recognition
    HaptiComm can work with any mobile device or computer that is already enabled with speech recognition such as Siri, Google Voice Assistant or Dragon Naturally Speaking. HaptiComm can convert the text generated directly to a tactile format.

  • Phone Calls or SMS/MMS Reading
    In conjunction with either or both of the above applications you can send your messages or phone call through to the HaptiComm system for playback. Services such as Google Translate can also be used for language conversion prior to haptic translation.

  • Screen Reading
    HaptiComm can follow your mouse cursor and provide descriptive information about what’s on your screen.

  • Screen Navigation
    If one were to print/create a HaptiComm system based within a mouse, the system can recieve haptic signals from the screen to indicate buttons, frames and other features.

  • OCR
    Utilising a phone or scanner, you can scan a document, article or book page and then convert the generated text for use with the HaptiComm.

Revision History
1.1 [02/05/2019]
  • Minor rewrite
  • Added screen navigation
  • Added OCR

1 [01/08/2018]
  • Initial Release

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